Tonight We are All Iranians

That’s whats going around Twitter, right now as I am following updates as to what’s happening in Iran.  “On 9/11, all the world was American, tonight we are all Iranians”.  I am watching CNN and horrified at what I see, yet amazed at the sheer bravery and determination of the demonstrators.  They are fighting and dying for freedom that we take for granted.  And what disgusts me, is that politicians in America are trying to use this as a political football to slam President Obama with.  People are saying, he should have said more.  Yes, like George H.W. Bush when he told the Iraqis to rise up against Saddaam Hussein, then sat back and watched them get slaughtered?  Why must we be so patronizing?  As if the only way a demonstration counts, or can be successful, is if the U.S. gets behind it.  People, read some history, read the Bible!  This is Iran, this is Persia!  These people have a history of tens of thousands of years! 

What we are witnessing, is the young people trying to correct the mistakes of before, of the use of technology in a never before thought of way.  Who would have imagined that Twitter would become the tool of a movement.  Who indeed, would have imagined that these young people would so boldly defy the government orders to stand down and instead march boldly into the lions’ den?  Watching this reminds me of being about twelve or thirteen and watching the fall of the Soviet regime on tv.  I remember a group of people forming a human chain around a radio station while someone broadcast news inside.  We are witnessing history, perhaps the fall of theocracy in Iran.  Pray for the protestors.  Tonight, we are all Iranian.


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