Book Review-I’ll Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse by Michael Franzese

What does the Italian Mafia have in common with a small business or a giant corporation?  A lot, according to Michael Franzese in his latest book. The author of two previous books about his life as an infamous mobster and his eventual downfall continues his story of redemption from a life of crime.  I’ll Make You an Offer takes it a step further by outlining how the mob does business and showing businesspeople how they can improve their operations by following some of its principles.

Any skepticism that you may have about this book will be quickly laid to rest with Franzese’s straightforward approach sprinkled with liberal doses of humor.  He shows how certain characteristics of the mob, such as having a trusted consigliere, or advisor, and having regular “sit downs” can be beneficial for business owners.  Throughout the book, Franzese lays a practical, philosophical and Biblical foundation for his ideas, including an in-depth comparison of the Machiavellian approach in which the end justifies the means, with the wisdom of King Solomon as found in Proverbs.

The book is an insightful but easy read, with a summary of main points at the end of each chapter.  The last chapter is surprisingly thought provoking, in which Franzese makes one final comparison between Machiavelli and King Solomon, and asks you as the reader and business owner to determine which philosophy you will use to guide your business.  I would recommend this book to anyone, not just to business owners, because the advice within is valuable for anyone seeking their path in life.  As the author sums it up, “Success is all about the ingredients – it all depends on what you stuff inside”.


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